Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Welcome to the website of Project Aries

Project Aries, is the name for the Electronic Dance/Ambient type music created by T J.

T J was born in the Netherlands as Koos , and currently lives with his family in Devon, UK.
T J are the initials of his official name, and have a better international ring than his very dutch name, so for creative and business purposes, it's T J.

T J's inspiration for music come from his many travels around the globe, among his most memorable are Antarctica, Jordan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, and Alaska.

He works mostly from his Sonicboom studio.
The studio is centered around Apple Mac DAW systems, and also incorporates various hardware synthesizers.

Kit List:
Kurzweil K2000RS
Roland JP 8000
Korg Poly 800
Korg 01/W FD
Yamaha SY55
Yamaha CS1x
Alesis Quadrasynth
Roland XP50
MOTM analog modular synth
Novation Remote 25LE

Focusrite Saffire

LogicPro 8 Studio
Additional soft synths
ReFX Vanguard
Novation V station
ARP 2600V
Albino 2
Cronox 2

You can sample the music on Project Aries